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For more than five decades the Lily Pond was a popular water feature in Mooney Grove Park. In approximately 2004, due to a lack of maintenance, the Lily Pond experienced a failure in the fountain mechanism, which the County could not afford to repair at that time. And due to the increasing cost of repair and maintenance over time the Lily Pond has remained non-functional ever since. Over the last 10 years, County staff have explored options for the structure, from demolition to restoration. In an effort to avoid demolition and honor the history of the Lily Pond, the County is seeking donations from the community in support of keeping the Lily Pond at Mooney Grove Park.

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Adopt-An-Arbor is an innovative way for businesses, community groups and individuals to provide financial support for the refurbishment and maintenance of Tulare County Parks. The Adopt-An-Arbor program is simple: You choose and arbor to adopt (sponsor) and provide donations in the form of labor and/or materials for repair at that arbor. There are 56 arbors to choose from in Tulare County Parks. We ask that you maintain the arbor that you adopt for a period of one year, and give you the first choice to adopt the arbor for the following year.

Why is the program so important?
Each year, the parks are visited by more than 150,000 people, and county budgets are not large enough to resolve the growing needs of the parks. Sincere community commitment,involvement, and ownership of this program have made it successful in assisting with the maintenance of the parks. The money donated goes directly into the park in your community.

How much does it cost?
Sponsors are asked to donate a minimum of $500 worth of materials or labor per year.

What do you get in return for your hard work?
In addition to the personal gratification of knowing you are making a difference in your Tulare County Parks, the Parks and Recreation Department will recognize your contribution with an appropriate sign on the adopted arbor. It gives businesses and organizations an opportunity to advertise and get the exposure they are looking for. It’s also great to build employee morale and quality family time.

What is required to participate?
Time and effort are all that is needed! So why wait? Call or visit the Tulare County Parks and Recreation office to get further details on how you can make a difference in your local park today!

If you are interested in adopting an arbor, contact us at (559) 205-1100 today!